Work on £10 million flood defence set to begin on Essex coast

 The Environment Agency is set to begin a multi-million project to protect a vulnerable community on the Essex coast.

In the coming days, work will begin at Cockett Wick to strengthen and raise the seawall. More than 150 steel piles will be installed along with the construction of a new concrete wall and footpath to protect homes in Jaywick from flooding.

In excess of 14,000 tonnes of rock armour will also be placed on the sea-side of the defence to protect the strengthened wall from wave damage.

Together, the work will help to protect more than 3,000 properties and businesses. The changes will help to ensure this part of the Essex coast remains protected despite climate change and sea level-rise.

The defences are designed to be raised again in 50 years’ time to ensure another 50 years of protection, all while maintaining views of the sea.

John Lindsay, Essex coastal engineer for the Environment Agency, said: ‘We are already seeing the impacts of climate change in the UK and around the world. This is why urgent action is needed to adapt to the effect of the climate emergency. The work at Cockett Wick will help to continue to protect the local communities for decades to come. Everyone should know their flood risk and sign up for free flood warnings by visiting and search flood or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188. You can also follow @EnvAgencyAnglia on Twitter for the latest flood updates.’

Regular drop-in sessions will take process throughout the project where residents will be able to find out how the work is progressing.

Throughout the construction work, it will be necessary to close the current access road that links Jaywick to the Martello Tower. During this time, an alternative access route will be provided via Hutleys Caravan Park, in Seawick. This will use a temporary road running behind the sea defences leading to a temporary car park at the Martello Tower.

Pedestrian access between Seawick and Jaywick will be maintained throughout the work. However, temporary footpath diversions will also be in place to the rear of the seawall for the duration of the work.

•    The Government’s investment in flooding has doubled to a record £5.2 billion between 2021 and 2027, creating around 2,000 new flood and coastal defences to better protect hundreds of thousands of properties across England.
•    The contractor for this project is BAM Nuttall. They will also be providing updates on the project through their Facebook page.

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