The Lycée Gergovie in Clermont-Ferrand, an operation worth gold

the Lycée Gergovie in Clermont-Ferrand, an emblematic low-carbon operation of Eiffage Construction, was awarded the gold trophy, the highest distinction in the “Innovate for a sustainable world” competition from the Entreprises Générales de France Building and Public Works. This reward was awarded according to 3 selection criteria: technical and organizational innovation, innovation for the environment and social and societal innovation.

A true demonstrator of our know-how, the school won unanimous approval from the national jury for its many innovative and sustainable aspects.

It was notably judged according to 3 selection criteria:

  • Technical and organizational innovation: with its 11,000m² of wooden frame walls, its straw insulation, and the creation of an ephemeral workshop, close to the construction site for the manufacture of MOBs, the operation is making waves;
  • Innovation for the environment: the school has obtained the most ambitious environmental labels such as the E4C2 label, in particular thanks to the use of #biosourced materials (17000 straw bales from Limagne, 3900m3 of certified French wood of which 92% comes from Douglas fir wood from the Massif Central, 600m² of Volvic stone) promoting the local economy in a short circuit;
  • Social and societal innovation: via an exemplary implementation of prevention on the construction site, but also in the training of journeyman masons in the wood trade. 100% of the wooden construction was carried out in our own production, including the manufacture and installation of the MOBs.

Once again, we congratulate our Auvergne teams who won all the awards with this exemplary low-carbon construction.  

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The municipal baths of Strasbourg :
Special mention for Eiffage Construction and our Alsatian teams, for the sumptuous rehabilitation of the municipal baths of Strasbourg, a remarkable work protected as Historic Monuments, awarded by the Grand-Est jury of the regional competition Innover for a World Sustainable of EGF – French General Construction Companies.

We were particularly rewarded for our role as liaison facilitator between all the external and internal actors with whom a constant dialogue was conducted throughout the project! We succeeded in guaranteeing the compromises between the technical imperatives and the issues related to heritage conservation.

As a reminder, this Global Public Performance Contract consisted of the design and execution of the restructuring work on this equipment, then its technical maintenance and upkeep for a period of fifteen years.

The Mesnil en Ouche campus :
Another successful Eiffage Construction operation! The Mesnil en Ouche school campus, an operation to regroup a school complex ranging from the small kindergarten section to the end of middle school, was awarded the Normandy regional prize by the jury of the EGF 2023 “Innovate for a sustainable world”. 

In order to leave the children in their usual surroundings for the duration of the work, respect the very tight deadline, reduce the high cost of the operation initially planned in the existing building, restore coherence to a disparate set of educational buildings located on a cramped terrain, and reduce operating costs, our teams have proposed, in particular with CBA Architecte, to build a new compact campus with great functional efficiency at the end of the terrain.

This project, whose design took place during the Covid, thanks in particular to #BIM technology (4 months), consists of a 6400 m² building with high environmental quality including: • the college, •
    kindergarten and elementary,
    • shared school catering,
    • a boarding school with 30 places,
    • activity rooms which will be shared with local associations.

The operation also meets the environmental labels and certifications NF HQE Sustainable Building, Passivhaus Institut, Bepos Effinergie, E3C1 and Positive Energy Carbon Reduction. 

Congratulations to the teams and our partners for this great award! 

The Pézenas Swimming Pool :
During this red carpet period, our star reconstruction operation of the Pézenas swimming pool (34) was awarded the gold palm of the EGF 2023 “Innovate for a Sustainable World” competition.

This global performance contract, carried out on behalf of the Hérault Méditerranée Agglomeration Community, included the deconstruction – reconstruction of the inter-municipal swimming pool, which includes an outdoor area, with a 5-lane sports pool, a learning pool and a paddling pool. . 

The bioclimatic design of the sports complex (NF HQE approach) was particularly praised by the jury. 

As a general contractor, we made the choice of sobriety by partially demolishing, and not in its entirety, the large outdoor pool. The demolition rubble was then crushed to be reused on the Group’s road projects. 

In addition, were installed:  

  • an instantaneous heat recovery system on gray water, for the production of domestic hot water or the preheating of pool basin water; 
  • a device for recovering rainwater intended to supply outdoor watering and toilets; 
  • a roof overhang providing effective solar protection for the building and summer comfort; 

Congratulations to our teams for this virtuous and successful project which brought together all the stakeholders. The operation, carried out on time, lasted 86 months, including 15 months of work.

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