The Village des Marques McArthurGlen Paris-Giverny, built by Eiffage Construction, opens its doors to the public

The inauguration was held on April 27 in the presence of Frédéric Duché, president of the Seine Normandie Agglomeration community, Simon Babre, prefect of Eure, Michael Natas director of development McArthurGlen Group, Myriem Nieres-Tavernier, general Manager Paris Giverny at McArthurGlen Group, Edouard Dubost, regional director Eiffage Construction, Alex-André Jeanssen, director Haute-Normandie Eiffage Construction, Franck Roulland, sales and development director Eiffage Construction.

This imposing construction site (250m long / 160m wide), located 55 km north-west of Paris, represents a major center of activity and attractiveness for the Normandy region. In total, around a hundred shops and seven restaurants (representing 19,000 m² of sales area) have opened in Douains (27).

The site is exceptional by its size (90,000 m²), but also by the number of workers active in carrying out this project: up to 800 during peak periods and 160,000 hours of integration professional have been carried out.
On the environmental side, the site is built to meet the “High Environmental Quality” standard. In order to integrate nature into the heart of the project, green walls cover the facades. The operation aims for the HPE Excellence level environmental label.
Congratulations to our work teams in the North-West for this large-scale project!
Client: McArthurGlen Group Project
manager: TERRELL
Design office: TERRELL
Economist: Gleeds

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