Recycled limestone paves the way in Western Australia

Recycled limestone blocks are being used to construct 3km of retaining walls on CPB Contractors’ METRONET Thornlie-Cockburn Link project as part of the NEWest Alliance. Adopting the recycled material has resulted in almost 21,000 tonnes of material being used in a more sustainable way.

Limestone blocks, steel reinforcement, concrete, ballast, plastic pipes and excavated material are being repurposed throughout the delivery of the METRONET works.

Tonnes of materials have been recycled and reused, including:

  • close to 21,000 tonnes of recycled concrete to make limestone blocks
  • more than 2,200 tonnes of recycled content for steel reinforcement
  • more than 1,000 tonnes of supplementary cementitious materials in concrete
  • close to  7,000 tonnes of ballast reused for the drainage blanket within the rail alignment.

CPB Contractors Environment and Sustainability Manager Martin Von Kaschke said the project is making every effort to manage its resources and activities to minimise impacts.

“We want to play a leading role in building a better, more sustainable future in the communities in which we work,” Martin said.

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