KBR’s Innovative Approach Drives Transformation in the Energy Industry

KBR recently took center stage at the fourth annual Maintrel conference, held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This event is not only a key gathering for industry leaders in the energy sector, but it also focuses on maintenance and reliability. 

During the conference, David Ribeiro, Vice President of Global Sales for Technology Led Industrial Solutions (TLIS), delivered a keynote speech, emphasizing the pivotal role KBR plays in transforming the industry landscape. Ribeiro reflected on the profound shifts observed over the last decade, specifically the increasing emphasis on achieving a delicate balance between the welfare of our people, economic growth and environmental responsibility. 

One of the ways KBR is driving this transformation is through innovation. A decade ago, KBR partnered with a pioneering refining operator in the Kingdom and adopted a bold strategy to fully outsource its maintenance function. This innovative approach, underpinned by performance-based commercial models, was a turning point for the Middle East energy sector.  

This strategy led to top-quartile maintenance and reliability performance according to the Solomon Energy Intensity Index®. More impressively, KBR achieved a marked decrease in operational expenditure (OPEX) by as much as 35%, which will result in savings of close to a quarter of a billion dollars over the next decade for that operator. 

But KBR’s innovation doesn’t stop there. We are at the forefront of harnessing digital transformation to drive operational performance. Ribeiro highlighted projects that leverage KBR INSITE® Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) solution, to deliver best-in-class maintenance programs at double the speed and half the cost. 

KBR’s collaboration with one of the Kingdom’s largest petrochemical producers showcases another breakthrough. We’re applying advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to optimize critical process operations, revolutionizing the more traditional advance process control (APC) approaches used today. 

This year’s Maintrel conference highlighted the importance of sustainability, digital transformation, and innovative maintenance strategies. As an industry leader, KBR is committed to embracing these shifts and driving the industry towards a future where operational efficiency, sustainability, and value creation are intertwined. Our experience at the Maintrel conference reinforces our commitment to pioneering change and driving growth in the industry.  

We invite discussions on how we can collaborate to navigate these challenging times and redefine our industry for the better. 

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