From functional analysis to installation, Yousense intervenes for the Vulcania amusement and entertainment park located in Auvergne

Yousense teams were consulted for the opening of the last attraction of Vulcania, the largest planetarium in France. This attraction allows visitors to better understand the natural phenomena present on Earth and elsewhere in the universe in a fun and interactive way.  

he project called on Yousense ‘s extensive know-how since the teams worked on design, scenography , programming, functional analysis and installation missions . In several areas of intervention : video , sound , lighting , show control and simultaneous translation . By also adapting to architectural complexity to meet the specificities of of the 4 spaces of the Vulcania planetarium  : the reception hall, the educational spaces, the pre- show space and the documentation space.  

Design a dynamic display and sound solution for the reception area . 

Yousense experts had to adapt to the complexity of the reception area when installing their audiovisual equipment . It is a cathedral space that requires special attention to reverberation, in order to obtain a homogeneous and intelligible sound. In addition, the sound coverage had to respond to an excellent homogeneity for the 400 people distributed in this space .  

To do this, a general sound system has been installed with YAMAHA speakers on the wall and on the ceiling to sound the reception area but also the toilets , in order to broadcast background music . This distribution is carried out from a remote connection plate at the reception desk that can accept external sources such as mp3 player , smartphone, tablet . Two S ENNHEISER HF microphones have been installed as a complementary source , with the particularity of having HF coveragemu l ti-zones . Each microphone can be assigned to a particular area from a control keyboard, read i also deported to the reception bank .   

In addition, four 65-inch NEC screens and three 43- inch NEC screens have been installed to allow the dynamic display of communication media for the Vulcania park as well as the program and schedules of the planetarium sessions . To facilitate content management, the solution installed by Yousense is connected to the central  supervision of Vulcania.  

Facilitate interaction between the animator and the students in the educational spaces, thanks to an interactive projection.  

For the four educational spaces , Yousense has installed a complete audiovisual solution allowing the distribution of informative content to the x 20 students spread over the four workshops. These fun and educational workshops aim to explain by experimenting the universe of a planetarium.   

Each educational space is equipped with an EPSON interactive video projector connected to each facilitator’s laptop, a whiteboard, a wall-mounted sound system and SAMSUNG tablets . The four workshops are controlled by an automaton which allows the equipment to be powered up and the choice of broadcasting sources. So that this solution can be perfectly integrated into the architecture of the building, the audiovisual integration technicians installed wall connection plates with MUXLAB extenders to facilitate the transfer of data on great distances.   


Develop a panoramic projection on a convex surfa ce for the pre – show space .  

This pre-show area offers visitors an immersive experience with panoramic animated films being shown to make them wait before accessing the main -show  area .   

This projection takes place on a convex screen with an area of ​​5.70 m x 1.70 m , using two video projectors. The VIOSO video processor offered by Yousense carries blending and warping processing allowing the broadcasting of a single image in multi- projections . It also integrates the processing of distortion and soft – edge between the two video projectors .  

In addition to the video broadcast, the space is equipped with a complete sound system. The Yousense teams installed two YAMAHA brand controlled directivity long- range “column” speakers . These columns are associated with two YAMAHA subwoofers to extend the response in the bass sounds , and accentuate the demonstrative side of animated films . Finally, after studying the coverage of the pre- show space , Yousense completed its installation with two YAMAHA 8-inch ceiling speakers to “unclog” residual shadow areas . 

A simultaneous translation system by infrared projection completes these solutions. Yousense supplied and installed a dozen TONWELT brand infrared transmitters , compatible with the site ‘s mobile receivers . Visitors can thus each benefit from a simultaneous translation of the animated films and in the desired language.  

This pre-show space can also operate in an event configuration with a capacity of 350 people . Video and audio connection plates allow service providers to connect to the audiovisual systems in this space . In addition, the HF microphones in the reception area are also provided to cover the pre -show area. Their assignment can be controlled by a remote control keyboard near the projection screen .  

Share real expertise in engineering, functional analysis and programming .   

For this attraction, Yousense was able to use its engineering know-how and functional analysis to set up a MEDIALON show control. This show control solution makes it possible to synchronize and automate the lighting, audio, video and special effects according to the flow of visitors, in particular with the access controls for the various spaces of the planetarium . 


Revitalize the documentary space .  

Visitors to the planetarium can also access a documentary space . It is a library dedicated to documentary resources on space , natural phenomena and volcanoes.  

To do this, Yousense has provided visitors with two LENOVO PCs with 32-inch IYAMA touch screens as well as SENNHEISER audio headsets so that they can consult all the documentation online. These installations will complement the many works that can be consulted in this documentary space.  

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