VINCI renews its partnership with the INSA Foundation for 3 years and is committed alongside the INSA group to promoting equal opportunities and social openness

Funding of the INSA group’s national host scholarship program and the mentoring program
  Deployment of local initiatives in favor of diversity and social openness
  Organization of an eloquence competition offered to students

Historical founding patron of the INSA Foundation (National Institute of Applied Sciences) since 2019, VINCI renewed its support on January 18 for 3 additional years in order to promote the model of humanist engineer open to the world, capable of acting in the face of complex issues and serving the collective interest.

“The INSA group is delighted to see this partnership with VINCI be a long-term one. Since 2019, we have been able to count on the support of our partner to accompany us in the deployment of actions that directly resonate with our model, whether it is supporting the social openness of our promotions or enhancing the profile of humanist engineer who constitutes our DNA. » Mourad Boukahlfa, president of the INSA group

VINCI sponsorship finances, each year, nearly 200 reception scholarships of €500 awarded to all students holding a secondary scholarship, upon their entry into one of the seven schools in the INSA network. Scholarship students will have the opportunity, if they wish, to benefit from an INSA alumni mentor who is a VINCI employee who will advise and support them in understanding professions and discovering the professional world.

“The INSA Foundation warmly thanks VINCI for its faithful commitment, illustrating our common values ​​in favor of diversity and for social openness in higher education, in order to amplify the impact of our solidarity actions to help students who need it and to develop the skills of tomorrow’s humanist engineers. » Christian Nibourel, president of the INSA Foundation

Building on the success of the first two editions of Eloquence Thursday, the partnership provides for the renewal of this national eloquence competition which allows students from INSA schools to practice oratory by debating on a subject major company issue related to business issues. This year, eight candidates competed in the final on the subject of the (fair) place of work.

Better knowledge of oneself, one’s environment, the functioning of the company, relational interactions, the intercultural dimension and communication constitute the basis for the acquisition of skills linked to soft skills, at the heart of the INSA educational project to train humanist engineers capable of understanding and acting meaningfully in a changing world. The public speaking competition is one of the levers to support engineering students towards success beyond the transmission of technical skills.

Close to local needs, in close collaboration with VINCI regional departments and local INSA foundations, the partnership makes it possible to finance local initiatives in favor of equal opportunities for students: support for entrepreneurship, actions in favor of diversity and inclusion (disability), student association funds etc.

“We are delighted to renew our sponsorship agreement with the group and the INSA Foundation that we have supported since 2019 and with whom we share a common ambition: that of the humanist engineer capable of understanding the technical, energy and human challenges of a complex, constantly evolving world. The cooperation between the INSA Foundation and VINCI allows aspiring engineers to be as close as possible to the field thanks to the discovery of our professions and our social and environmental commitments.
The energy transition and the climate emergency on a global scale are increasing engineering needs. Our old construction professions have never been so much in the news! »
 Xavier Huillard, Chairman and CEO of the VINCI group

About the INSA group

The INSA group (National Institutes of Applied Sciences) is the leading French group of public engineering schools. Each year, its 7 member schools (Centre Val de Loire, Hauts-de-France, Lyon, Rennes, Rouen-Normandie, Strasbourg and Toulouse) train more than 20,000 engineering, architect and landscaper students ready to put their expertise at the service of a fairer and more sustainable society. This INSA community, with nearly 100,000 graduates in France and around the world, finds its strength in the humanist values ​​it cultivates, inherited from its history. Six partner schools participate in the INSA collective.
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About the INSA Foundation

Created in 2018 by INSA schools, the INSA Partnership Foundation’s mission is to develop and promote the INSA humanist engineer model: one who thinks and acts for society in a responsible approach. At the interface of the socio-economic world and the academic world, the Foundation promotes the humanist values ​​and commitment of the INSA group to think about the future and act with conscience.

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VINCI is a global player in the concessions, energy and construction sectors, employing more than 272,000 people in more than 120 countries. Its mission is to design, finance, build and manage infrastructure and equipment that contribute to improving daily life and mobility for everyone. Because its vision of success is global, VINCI is committed to the environmental, social and societal performance of its activities. Because its achievements are of public utility, VINCI considers listening and dialogue with all stakeholders in its projects as a necessary condition for carrying out its activities. VINCI’s ambition is to create long-term value for its customers, its shareholders, its employees, its partners and for society in general.

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