The Shield Machine “CREC 1282” Exported from Italy was Used in the Construction of Fortezza-Ponte Gardena Railway Tunnel

witnessed by Italian customer representatives, the earth pressure open dual-mode shield machine “CREC 1282” developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group, a subsidiary of China Railway Hi-Tech Industry, was launched in Zhengzhou and will be applied to the construction of the Fortezza-Ponte Gardena Railway Tunnel Project in Italy. China Railway Engineering Equipment Group has developed nine shield machines for Italian engineering construction.

Fortezza-Ponte Gardena Railway Tunnel Project is a single-track double-hole high-speed railway tunnel with a minimum turning radius of 280 meters, which is excavated by a single piece of equipment, and the total excavation mileage of the left and right sections reaches 16.13 kilometers. After the tunnel’s completion, it will become a critical railway trunk line connecting Verona and Fortezza in Italy, significantly improving the efficiency and capacity of Fortezza-Ponte Gardena Railway transport and positively promoting local economic development.

According to the characteristics of the project, the R & D team of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group has tailored the “CREC 1282” shield machine for the project. The equipment has an excavation diameter of 9.68 meters, a length of 144 meters, and a weight of 2000 tons. To adapt to the stratum convergence in tunnel excavation, the equipment is equipped with advanced technologies such as main drive lifting, which effectively solves the problem that the hole easily blocks the shield under this working condition and ensures the safe and efficient excavation of the equipment.

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