Safe and sustainable procurement on Cross River Rail

As Australia’s largest contractor, CPB Contractors understands the critical importance of a culture that prioritises safety and sustainability.

In line with these focuses, the CPB Contractors Yeerongpilly team, responsible for delivering the Rail, Integration and Systems package for the Cross River Rail project, has procured 100% recycled safety bollards that adhere to AS1742.3 and AS/NZS 1906.1 standards.

These bollards, manufactured in Australia by OC Connections, a social enterprise that empowers NDIS-registered workers with disabilities, are entirely fabricated from post-consumer waste. 

The procurement team worked closely with OC Connections to streamline the registration process and ensure the procurement of both the 100% recycled material bollards and their 70% recycled plastic bases.

Traditionally, safety bollards are imported and manufactured using virgin materials. Procuring these recycled bollards represents another notable shift by CPB Contractors to benefit people and the planet.

CPB Contractors is delivering the Cross River Rail Rail, Integration and Systems Alliance package in a consortium with UGL, AECOM and Jacobs, and partners HASSELL, RCS Australia, Acmena, Martinus Rail and Wired Overhead Solutions. Works in the package include the design, supply and installation of the supporting rail system and integration of Cross River Rail into Queensland Rail’s train network, and an upgrade to Exhibition Station.

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