Milestone achieved: Pre-cast beams installed for Brindabella bridge as part of METRONET’s Yanchep Rail Extension project

As part of METRONET’s NEWest Alliance, CPB Contractors has completed the installation of pre-cast beams for Brindabella Bridge within the Alkimos Station precinct. 

Installation involved the precise placement of 15 pre-cast and pre-stressed beams. Guided by a 450-tonne hydraulic crane, these beams now form the main structure of the bridge deck. 

CPB Contractors’ project team will now commence the works required to ready the bridge deck for its concrete pour. This includes:

  • Sealing beam gaps
  • Installation of steel reinforcements
  • Preparation works to install handrails

Once complete, Brindabella Bridge will provide access to Alkimos Station with one traffic lane in each direction, a turning lane, and pedestrian pathways on both sides.

CPB Contractors is delivering two METRONET projects for the State Government – the Yanchep Rail Extension and the Thornlie-Cockburn Link. The Yanchep Rail Extension extends the Joondalup line north from Butler to Yanchep and involves the construction of three new stations to support the area’s growing population.

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