KBR and Babcock Announce Partnership for Stewardship of Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet

KBR and Babcock Australasia have joined forces to offer fleet asset management services to the Royal Australian Navy, drawing on their collective strengths and experience to deliver a more affordable and operationally available fleet. 

The partnership, led by KBR as Prime, is responding to the tender for the Amphibious Combat and Sealift (ACS) Capability Life Cycle Manager (CLCM) to provide naval asset management services under the Maritime Sustainment Model.  

It provides the Commonwealth of Australia a solution with low transition risk, based on the investment, experience, and relationships developed over many years of supporting the Capability Support Coordinator (KBR) and Asset Class Prime Contractor (Babcock) contracts. 

KBR’s Government Solutions APAC Vice President, Rob Hawketts, said the partnership harnesses the almost 20 years’ experience of both companies across the the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD), Landing Ship Dock (LSD) and Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) platforms to deliver a more affordable and operationally available fleet – factors that are critical to maritime sustainment success. 

“The partnership draws on the collective strengths of KBR and Babcock to ultimately deliver a better result for the Australian Government and Royal Australian Navy,” Mr. Hawketts said 

“No other partnership has our level of combined experience across the ACS platforms. KBR’s considerable and proven experience as LHD Capability Support Coordinator, complemented by Babcock’s experience as Asset Class Prime Contractor, gives us the ‘know how’ and ‘know why’ to reduce cost of ownership and ensure the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet is available when and where it is needed. 

“Combining these unique capabilities and experiences from both companies delivers the best possible outcome for the Commonwealth and reduces transition risks. This will allow the transformation of the Garden Island Defence Precinct to the Maritime Sustainment Model in the shortest possible timeframe with limited impact on operational availability.” 

Babcock Australasia’s Executive Director – Strategy and Future Business, Martin Halloran, said the partnership aligns with both company’s commitment to local industry integration and collaboration.  

“Our shared commitment to developing sovereign capability provides a solution that maximises local industry participation, provides our suppliers with opportunities to drive efficiencies across multiple ship platforms, and sets the program on a sustainable availability trajectory,” Mr. Halloran said. 

“These vessels are providing crucial capability across the Fleet and Babcock is proud to be supporting the Navy with a proposed solution that optimises asset availability and operational readiness.” 

“This is the start of a journey together and we look forward to what the future holds for KBR and Babcock.” 

About KBR 

We deliver science, technology and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world. KBR employs approximately 32,000 people performing diverse, complex and mission-critical roles in 34 countries.  

KBR is proud to work with its customers across the globe to provide technology, value-added services, and long-term operations and maintenance services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results. At KBR, We Deliver.  

About Babcock Australasia 

A subsidiary of Babcock International Group, we are proud to help keep our nation secure, our communities safe and the country moving, using Babcock’s specialist skills and knowledge to facilitate our client’s operational requirements. 

We deliver service solutions to enhance our customers’ defence capabilities and critical assets. Our business is underpinned by a deep understanding of technology integration and engineering, infrastructure management and specialist training. We help our customers around the world to cost effectively improve the capability, reliability, and availability of their most critical assets.  

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