Inauguration of the SOFILO development operation by Eiffage Aménagement and SEM Agencia

The year 2023 marks the end of development work on the SOFILO site located in the Clairmarais district of Reims. This land, having belonged to EDF, hosted a gas plant for more than a century. Initiated in 2015, this brownfield conversion operation is carried out by SAS AGEA (partnership between SEM AGENCIA and Eiffage Aménagement). 28,000 m² of housing over an area of ​​approximately 1.6 hectares have been developed there.

This operation will have required six years of work (2018-2023) to heavily clean up the site, carry out the real estate programs and qualitatively develop the public spaces, including the creation of the rue des Soeurs Etienne, two squares at the entrance to the district and a central vegetated garden located in the heart of the block. These facilities were designed through the prisms of quality of life, quality of use and environmental quality.

The work carried out in co-development demonstrates that a public/private co-production model makes it possible to contribute to the general interest and to meet the objectives of the city of Reims and the urban community of Greater Reims, whose desire is to build the city on the city by reclaiming its industrial wastelands. 

The SOFILO program in summary is:

  • Four blocks of 230 home ownership units
  • Two blocks of 170 housing units for Reims habitat
  • A student residence with 300 beds and three commercial cells
  • A co-living and co-working residence
  • Public spaces: a new road and two public squares
  • Interior of vegetated island / island of freshness

The Design-Build of this project has been awarded to the Demathieu Bard, Mastrandreas Architectes, MCI Thermiques and SETIB consortium.

Work began in March 2021 and was completed in June 2023.

Developer  : SEM Agencia (51%), Eiffage Aménagement (49%)
Developers and DPOs : SEM Agencia, Eiffage Immobilier, Financière Immobilière de Champagne, Nacarat/Nord Est Aménagement Promotion, Citanium, Reims Habitat.

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