Inauguration of T12 in Essonne: Dorsalys integrates tram-train information systems for Île-de-France mobility

After the T13, which links Saint-Germain-en-Laye to Saint-Cyr-l’É cole since July 2022, the T12 tram-train was inaugurated last Saturday in the presence of Valérie P écresse , president of the Region and Î le – de-France mobility . A real alternative to the car, this SNCF line, which serves a dozen towns in Essonne, helps to strengthen the public transport network on the fringes of Greater Paris. Thanks to the T12, travelers can now connect Massy -Palaiseau to Évry -Courcouronnes in just 40 minutes and without the slightest carbon emissions . 

Commissioned last Sunday in the north of Essonne, the T12 tram-train was deployed between Évry-Courcouronnes and Massy-Palaiseau, on 20.4 km of tracks punctuated by 16 stations. The line operated by SNCF is connected to RER B, C and D, as well as numerous bus lines which serve the area’s activity centers. The T12 runs on the national rail network of the former RER C, between Massy-Palaiseau and Épinay-sur-Orge, then in urban areas, on specific tramway tracks, to Évry-Courcouronnes. Second order under the same framework agreement, our Dorsalys experts carried out work of the same nature for the T12 as for the T13, which will be put into service in 2022.

“We carried out the work, tests and commissioning of the central systems at the centralized control station at Massy-Palaiseau. In other words, we have installed all the computer servers which allow information to be displayed on the operator stations and the video wall located in the Massy-Palaiseau control room. We also installed and commissioned the low current equipment for the 16 passenger stations: computer network cabinets, sound system, video protection, reporting of information on the status of the installations, etc. And we also commissioned the LED screens dedicated to the information for travelers,” explains Vincent Richard, activities manager.

The tram-train, which emits neither greenhouse gases nor particles, is backed by a 6.5 km cycle-pedestrian path (between Viry-Châtillon and Évry-Courcouronnes) to facilitate intermodality. Encouraged to leave their car in the garage, the 40,000 users expected each day on board the T12 will thus contribute to the collective effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

The maiden voyage of the T12 took place on  Saturday December 9 in the presence of representatives of all stakeholders1 involved in the project. Activities took place throughout the day, inside the tram-train and in the stations.

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