In Paris, Expercité is lighting the colonnade of the Palais-Bourbon

The renovation work on the colonnade of the Palais – Bourbon gave the National Assembly the opportunity to reduce its energy bill . Mandated for the installation of new lighting , lighter and less energy- intensive than the old one , our Expercité specialists took part inthe illumination of the colonnade and the pediment. 

Added to the initial building , 80 years after its construction , by the architect Poyet , the colonnade of the Palais-Bourbon was inaugurated by Napoleon I in 1810. In order to to bring the building into the 21st century , our experts were tasked with carrying out the electrical works for the imaginary lighting .e by the NoctaBene agency . 

“  We installed around fifty lights in total: LEDs embedded in the ground to illuminate the colonnade and a series of spotlights to illuminate the sculpted figures on the pediment, but also the statues facing the Seine, along the Quai d’ Orsay .  ” explains Paul Marques, works manager . 

Our experts worked in the attic and above the kitchens of this historic monument to allow the passage of cables . On a daily basis, warm white lighting highlights the bas-reliefs on the pediment. The spotlights are fitted with lenses engraved with designs animating a play of shadows to illuminate the statues of Athena and Themis . Illuminated in blue, white and red for national holidays and night sittings of the Assemblye national, the colonnade can also be adorned with the colors of other flags during State visits , or even to celebrate Pink October . 

“  All of the service providers were able to coordinate to complete the project on time, while respecting the solemnity of the building and the working sessions of the deputies . We carried out night trials to test the lighting in real conditions and  everything went as planned , ” he continues . 

The restored colonnade of the National Assembly was inaugurated by its president , Yael Braun – Pivet , on May 23 , in the presence of the quaestors and deputies . s. 

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