In Kourou, Clemessy will build the ELM-Diamant operational control-command (OCC) bench for CNES

Our Clemessy experts have just signed a contract with CNES for the construction of the Operational Control-Command ( OCC ) bench for the Multi- Launcher Launch Unit (ELM) on the Diamant site of the Guiana Space Center (CSG) in Kourou. This market , financed by the Government as part of “France 2030”, also concerns vehicle integration benches in Europe .

An Operational Control- Command (OCC) aims to monitor , command and control in real time the electrical , mechanical and fluid processes , both on the Ground side and on the launcher side (Onboard). The OCC makes it possible to manage the final chronology and the synchronized sequence , the last step allowing “handover” to the launcher , so that it can carry out its launch sequence and its mission.  

At its request , our experts will support CNES in defining the control bench for Callisto, the demonstrator of the future reusable European launcher . In addition to the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), they will be responsible for the servers which provide all of the intelligence , the communication systems with the vehicle , the launcher power supply , as well as some input data – outlet: filling valves , drains , pressure controls , etc.  

“In the past, Clemessy has already deployed a whole family of control benches on different CNES sites and for different types of launchers . The new OCC deployed for Callisto is a continuation of the projects carried out with CNES , and in particular the creation of the OCC for Ariane 6, of which it uses the same software and hardware bases  ,” explains Joël Wälti , head of project .  

The OCC is a modular system which recovers and stores all data for a posteriori analysis and participates in “revalidation” activities of ground assets after each launch , in order to be operational for subsequent launches .  

“What we are going to develop for the Callisto specimen is intended to be used on future launchers which will have the possibility of defining their own operating mode , thanks to our functional bricks . By implementing or removing certain functions , we will be able to adapt the system so that it meets the specific needs of each launcher  ,” continues Alexandre Houglet , technical manager .  

Modular and scalable , the OCC developed by our experts saves time for CNES operators . _ It also makes it possible to ensure the safety of goods and people , by monitoring all of the processes carried out , and by ensuring immediate restoration of security in the event of problems detected .

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