In Ivory Coast, RMT is building a 37.5 MWp solar power plant and installing an energy storage system

Built in collaboration with the State of Côte d’Ivoire , particularly C I-ENERGIES, and with financial support from Germany , the Boundiali photovoltaic solar power plant ( north of Côte d’ Ivoire ) has been in operation since the month of July 20 23 . Our RMT experts, who were responsible for all of the work, also installed a Battery Energy Storage System ( BESS) so that CI – ENERGIES can ensure the smoothing of energy production .

As part of the diversification of sources of electricity production and to increase the share of renewable energies in its energy mix (45% by 203 0 ) , Ivory Coast had mandated RMT to build the very first power plant solar photovoltaic plant in the country , with a capacity of 37.5 MWp , distributed over 69,440 550 W c solar panels and 168 250 kVA string inverters .  

The construction of this solar power plant also required the prior clearing of 38 ha of land, the earthworks of a platform for the operating buildings and the energy evacuation station , and the construction of a road . bitumen access . _ Our experts also built and equipped the control building , eight transformer stations, housing , a storage warehouse and they built a 3.5 km fence all around the site .  

The Boundiali power plant is equipped with a 10 MWh battery energy storage system ( BESS ) making it possible to smooth the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels . This BESS makes the production capacity of the plant (64 GWh /year) more reliable, which can supply up to 30,000 homes each year , while saving 27,000 tonnes of CO 2  ”, indicates Christophe GRIZEAU , Manager of the RMT agency in Ivory Coast .  

So that the Boundiali solar power plant can inject into the national network , our specialists have also installed two HTA / HTB ( 30/90 kV) 40 MVA transformers in the HTB evacuation zone, as well as two underground lines 90 kV . They also took care of the extension of the existing source station with two new HTB arrival bays .   

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