Eiffage Construction pours the 33-meter-span sail girder of the National Dramatic Center of Nanterre (92)

The National Dramatic Center of Nanterre is in full swing. Our teams are currently carrying out the heavy rehabilitation of the Théâtre des Amandiers (2 basement levels and 6 superstructure levels) and are in charge of lot no. 1 (macro-lot project which includes site installation, demolition, major -work, metal frame, roofing, waterproofing, exterior joinery, curtain walls and treatment of facades). The work, which began in the spring of 2022, consists of bringing safety and accessibility standards up to standard, as well as the reorganization of all the premises.

This ambitious renovation will include an extension of the existing building and in particular the creation of a new performance hall with 200 seats which will be added to the two halls with 820 and 480 seats, built in 1976. Also, two recording studios, a rehearsal space as well as an administrative space will be added to the existing one and the entrance hall will be completely redesigned.

The lower part of the theater will be open directly to the outside and will house a bookstore and a restaurant (the latter will operate outside opening hours. Ultimately , the theater will be able to accommodate more than 1,470 people.

This ambitious project includes certain complexities that our teams must face, such as the enlargement of the stage cage, the construction of a retaining wall over 6m high (necessary for the construction of the extension of the building, with a Lutécienne system: piles 1m in diameter with a projection of the sails in passes) as well as the construction of a metal frame and a very high steel curtain wall in the hall.

Recently, our teams carried out the total pouring of the sail beam, 33 meters long and 15.3 meters high, on a propped platform 12 meters above the ground. This operation, supervised by our teams, the concrete plant and the Eiffage equipment department, required 153.45 m 3 of concrete with a steel ratio of 105 kg/m 3 .

In order to carry out this complex achievement, the implementation of staggered metal pouring chimneys was necessary to allow pouring by phase in one day over the entire length of the wall, on pouring heights of 3.5 m to 4 m. .

Prior to pouring, Eiffage Construction management worked together with the central contractor to develop the correct formulation of the concrete; several tests were carried out on site on the verticals of the future offices.

The realization of the reinforcement on the ground in 5 panels on the total height of the veil beam was transported to the crane on the 1st skin of the formwork, then fixed temporarily by Artéon rods for tightening the formwork. A step passed with flying colors by our teams!

The rehabilitation will notably improve the overall thermal and energy insulation.

The delivery of the whole is scheduled for the end of June 2024. We congratulate our teams for this great milestone reached as well as for the continuation of this large-scale project.

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