Decarbonization of the Alpine corridor: AREA is committed to a sustainable future

On October 20, the three Alpine motorway companies (AREA, ATMB and SFTRF) signed, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Transport, a partnership agreement whose challenge consists of developing and implementing concrete solutions to decarbonize freight between France and Italy and on the motorways of the Northern Alps .

To achieve this, the signatories intend to work hand in hand with industrial, economic and political stakeholders in France and Italy.

Four areas of action
The first is to work to favor green engines  : liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, electric.

Then, it is necessary to act on the various infrastructures : terminals, logistics platforms, electric roads, while aiming for the targeted improvement of passages for the most virtuous vehicles.

In addition, promotional actions will be undertaken for carriers and shippers to support them towards a green transition .

In the background: close collaboration between the different partners for environmentally friendly road transport, making it possible to envisage a sustainable future.

A stated desire from APRR & AREA
On September 15, 2023, AREA had already signed an agreement in Savoie with SFTRF, the Syndicat du Pays de Maurienne and the company HYmpulsion, to develop the hydrogen mobility market by supporting transport companies in particular. in converting their vehicle fleet to green hydrogen.

For Ghislaine Baillemont, deputy general director of APRR-AREA, these initiatives demonstrate and confirm the desire of the two companies to commit to the decarbonization of heavy goods vehicle transport and, more generally, in the renewal of vehicles towards less energy. carbonaceous.

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