CSCEC hosts China-Egypt Building Construction Sustainable Development Forum in New Administrative Capital of Egypt

Recently, the China-Egypt Building Construction Sustainable Development Forum, organized by CSCEC, took place in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. The forum focused on the topic of sustainable development in China-Egypt construction, engaging in in-depth discussions on cutting-edge research, design trends, and shared experiences.

Guests present at the event included Khaled Abbas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development; Amr Khatab, Technical Manager and Spokesman for the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities; Dr. Sayed Shebel, vice chairman of a national research center for housing and building in Egypt; and Banna, CBD Project Director at Dar Supervision Company, and others, delivered keynote speeches.

China-Egypt Youth Architectural Painting Exhibition and Construction Enterprise Exhibition

The forum also featured an exhibition of outstanding works from the China-Egypt youth architectural painting competition, showcasing the modern vision of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital through the eyes of Chinese and Egyptian schoolchildren. Additionally, a construction enterprise exhibition was organized, with 12 Chinese and Egyptian construction companies participating and engaging in in-depth discussions about their businesses.

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