Bajiaowan Bridge of Tongxin Expressway Runs Through

On June 9, the Bajiaowan Bridge, a key control project of the expressway from Tongzi County to Xinpu District in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, was completed by the First Company of The First Engineering Bureau of CREC. The new technology of horizontal slab cable adopted in the bridge is the first time adopted in the super-high pier and long-span continuous rigid frame bridge in Guizhou Province.

The bridge is located in Jianba Town, Suiyang County, Zunyi City, Qianbei Plateau Mountain Area, Guizhou Province. It crosses rivers and V-shaped valleys. It is one of the key and challenging control projects of the whole line. The construction technology is complex, the technical requirements are high, the environmental protection standards are strict, and the safety risks are high.

The bridge is designed as a left-right separated prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge with a total length of 569 meters, a main span of 160 meters and a maximum pier height of 135 meters, which is the largest super-high pier and large-span continuous rigid frame bridge in the whole line.

During the construction process, the project builders actively innovated and applied new technologies and adopted horizontal floor cable technology to eliminate the radial force generated by the curve layout of floor cable solved the technical problems of continuous rigid frame bridge, such as deflection, cracking, and low bearing capacity, increased the durability of the bridge, and improved the bearing capacity.

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