Advancing Diversity and Development in South Australia

Advancing Diversity and Development in South Australia,CPB Contractors is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the construction sector, striving to enhance capacity across the industry. This commitment is exemplified through its involvement in the Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s Fleurieu Connections Alliance project, where Daniela da Silva, a Site Engineer with CPB Contractors, is actively contributing to the Main South Road and Victor Harbor Duplication project in South Australia.

Having arrived in Australia in 2018 with a robust background in construction and an Engineering degree from Sao Paulo University, Daniela reflects on her journey towards a fulfilling career with CPB Contractors.

“I came to Australia with enthusiasm and determination. When I landed my role on the Fleurieu Connections Alliance project, I was thrilled and ready to dive into work,” Daniela expressed.

Recognized swiftly for her technical proficiency, collaborative approach, and leadership capabilities, Daniela seized opportunities to expand her skills, including embracing night shifts which provided invaluable experience and exposure.

“It opened doors to significant opportunities, including assuming senior engineering responsibilities,” Daniela noted.

Within a short span, Daniela’s exceptional dedication and contributions were acknowledged with the project’s highest internal accolade.

Offering advice to women contemplating careers in construction or engineering, Daniela emphasizes the importance of pursuing passion and self-belief.

“Select a specialization that ignites your passion and join a company that values your strengths and trusts in your abilities,” she advised.

With females constituting 33% of the team on the Fleurieu Connections Alliance project, Daniela’s journey underscores CPB Contractors’ commitment to empowering local workforces and fostering diversity and inclusivity within the industry, leveraging its expertise to drive positive change.

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