VINCI takes part in the COP27 global climate peak

VINCI takes part in the COP27 global climate peak
The 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change( COP27) took place in the Egyptian megacity of Sharm el- Sheikh from 6 to 18 November. Represented by Environment Director Isabelle Spiegel, VINCI presented its climate commitments and enterprise over a three- day period.

VINCI supposed it important to take part in this time’s peak for a number of reasons. originally, it was being held in Africa, where the Group has been operating for decades and employs over,000 people. Secondly, as Isabelle Spiegel puts it, “ it forms part of the movement of companies that not only make pledges but are keen to take action to bring about the environmental transition ”.

The conversations in which Isabelle Spiegel and Karim Selouane – former VINCI intrapreneur and author of Resallience – took part from 15 to 17 November concentrated on three crucial particulars on the sanctioned docket for the event

· the necessity to turn pledges to reduce hothouse gas emigrations into action;
· increased backing for climate change adaption;
· matters relating to loss and damage associated with climate change( i.e. fat countries supporting vulnerable countries).

The focus was on energy on 15 November, when conversations turned to the part of the construction assiduity in the energy transition as respects energy effectiveness, energy conservation and decarbonisation. VINCI seized the occasion to shine a limelight on its Rehaskeen ® thermal sequestration result for structures and low- carbon energy generation installations, similar as the solar power shops being installed at airfields across its network. The Group also spoke about hydrogen. According to Isabelle Spiegel, “ Low- carbon hydrogen product capacity needs to be gauged up at least sixfold by 2050 ”.

The round table held on 16 November concentrated on solidarity between the public and private sectors, i.e. how private- sector stakeholders contribute to public- sector opinions and reflections. For case, VINCI Immobilier has committed to “ zero net land take ” by 2030( composition available in French only), 20 times before than the deadline set by the French Climate and Resilience Law.

Incipiently, the conferences held on 17 November looked at results. The first conference – opened by the French minister to Egypt and the Egyptian Minister for Transport – concentrated on low- carbon transport, while the alternate bone
– opened by the French Minister for the Energy Transition – covered the decarbonisation of the construction assiduity.

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