VINCI finalizes the acquisition of its first motorway concession in Brazil

• Acquisition of 55% of Entrevias, concession company for 570 kilometers of toll motorways in the State of São Paulo until 2047
• Sustained growth prospects
• Operational synergies in a growing country

VINCI Highways, a subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, has finalized the acquisition from the Brazilian fund Patria of 55% of the company Entrevias, concessionaire of two toll motorway sections in Brazil until 2047.

These two sections form a 570 kilometer network crossing the state of São Paulo and connecting the states of Minas Geiras to the north and Paraná to the south. These three states contribute more than 40% of Brazil’s GDP.

In the 1st quarter of 2023, Entrevias recorded 8.3 million transactions, up 10% compared to 2022 and 8% compared to 2019. Widening works from 2 x 1 to 2 x 2 lanes over 210 km of the southern section – due to be completed by the end of 2025 – will support the growth in traffic.

In terms of synergies, VINCI Highways will put its expertise at the service of Entrevias in order to strengthen the network’s quality of service and accelerate the deployment of environmental initiatives. In addition, VINCI Highways should benefit from the anchoring and experience of Entrevias in motorway project management in Brazil with local companies to seize new opportunities in the country.

With this first motorway concession in Brazil, VINCI Concessions is strengthening its commitment to Latin America’s leading economy, following the award to VINCI Airports in 2017 of concessions for Salvador Bahia airport and then in 2021 for 7 airports in the Amazon, including that of Manaus.

The VINCI group is also present in Brazil through its energy branch: Cobra IS, a long-standing player in the country in the electrical infrastructure sector – the Belmonte photovoltaic farm, with a capacity of 570 MW, should start production in summer 2023 – and VINCI Energies entered Brazil in 2015 in energy, industry and infrastructure services.

VINCI is a global player in concessions, energy and construction, employing 272,000 people in more than 120 countries. Its mission is to design, finance, build and manage infrastructure and equipment that contribute to improving daily life and mobility for everyone. Because its vision of success is global, VINCI is committed to the environmental, social and societal performance of its activities. Because its achievements are in the public interest, VINCI considers listening to and dialogue with all the stakeholders in its projects as a necessary condition for the exercise of its businesses. VINCI’s ambition is thus to create long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees, partners and for society in general.

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