US Contracts for Climate Resiliency Secured by HOCHTIEF Subsidiary

Flatiron, the North American civil engineering subsidiary of HOCHTIEF, secures new contracts valued at approximately USD 350 million, underscoring the emerging market potential for resilience initiatives. The awarded projects, aimed at addressing climate change-related challenges such as storm surges and rising sea levels, incorporate enhanced risk-sharing mechanisms aligning with HOCHTIEF Group’s strategic approach.

In Virginia Beach, Flatiron, in collaboration with a partner company, has been granted a contract for the implementation of a comprehensive flood protection infrastructure concept, valued between USD 225 million and USD 275 million. This contract, utilizing a progressive design-build approach, encompasses safeguarding the fresh water supply alongside flood protection measures.

Meanwhile, in Port Arthur, Texas, the Army Corps of Engineers has enlisted the services of HOCHTIEF subsidiary Flatiron for a project exceeding USD 100 million. This initiative focuses on enhancing storm surge protection at various pumping stations, necessitating the installation of new concrete flood gates and dike armoring. Preliminary work for this project is scheduled to commence this month.

Additionally, HOCHTIEF’s North American building construction management subsidiary, Turner, is actively involved in a progressive design-build contract in New York City, estimated at several hundred million US dollars. The project aims to expand and upgrade public spaces in Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan, fortifying them against rising sea levels and heightened storm intensity.

Further contributing to resilience efforts, the subsidiary E.E. Cruz is leading a USD 250 million project in New Jersey. This endeavor encompasses the construction of 9,600 meters of reinforced concrete flood walls, the installation of 28 flood gates, and the redesign of Harborside Park’s landscape, situated along the Hudson River.

In Germany, HOCHTIEF has a history of successfully implementing storm protection projects, notably in Hamburg, including the storm-resistant promenade at Hamburg Harbor designed by star architect Zaha Hadid. The company has also played a pivotal role in flood prevention measures along the Rhine banks in Cologne, with ongoing efforts to renew segments of the Rhine promenade.

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