Two new Île-de-France basedcontracts for Eiffage Services

Eiffage Services, in a consortium with Eiffage Construction, has just won two high level performance contracts (multi-system maintenance with an energy-efficiency commitment). For the former headquarters of the daily newspaper L’Humanité in Saint-Denis and the future second major site for the social services ministries in Malakoff.

Rehabilitation of the former headquarters of L’Humanité in Saint-Denis
Designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer between 1987 and 1989, the former headquarters of L’Humanité has been part of the Government’s real estate holdings since 2010. Having stood empty for years, the building will soon be hosting the 400 agents of the Drieets*. As part of its rehabilitation, Eiffage Services has won a high level performance contract for a term of 5 years (with a 2-year extension option) starting from 2027, including multi-system maintenance services and partitioning. The performance contract includes a commitment to energy-efficiency as well as to the work time frames.
*Regional and Interdepartmental Division for the Economy, Employment, Labour and Solidarity.
The future headquarters of the social service ministries in Malakoff
It is on the location of the former INSEE site in Malakoff that the Social Service Ministries (Health and Labour) will merge their secondary facilities in Île-de-France, starting from 2026. They will occupy a single site covering roughly 36,000 m², where some 1,800 agents will work. Built by Eiffage Construction, this headquarters will comprise a 50 metre high office block and a second building. The 5-year contract (with a 2-year extension option) with Eiffage Services will comprise multi-system maintenance and finishing works. Maintenance operations will start from 2025 onwards, including in particular those on solar panels installed on the roof of the office block. A permanent team of four employees, plus two persons in professional training contracts, will take responsibility for handling these operations.

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