Turner to Build Bakar ClimatEnginuity Hub at UC Berkeley

Turner Construction Company was awarded a contract to construct the Bakar ClimatEnginuity Hub funded by Addison Labs Foundation for the University of California-Berkeley in Berkeley, California

The five-story facility will provide laboratory space, conference rooms, office space, and interaction spaces. Several sustainability strategies are being explored for the building’s design, including low carbon construction and rooftop solar paneling. The facility will also include flexible scale-up space tailored to support an array of climate research, from renewable energy and carbon capture to greener building materials and agricultural practices.

“The Bakar ClimatEnginuity Hub represents a tremendous opportunity to educate the next generation of climate innovators and support our faculty in bringing their transformative ideas to life,” said University Chancellor Carol Christ. “The new facility will support the campus in its mission to address one of society’s greatest challenges.”

Turner is also working on The Gateway project at UC Berkeley which will be the future home of the computer and data science departments. It will support researchers exploring technological solutions for an equitable and decarbonized future.

“We are thrilled to be chosen by Addison Labs Foundation to build a project that will shape the world’s future,” said Nino Adamo, Vice President and General Manager, Turner Construction Company. “With climate change affecting society around the globe, the discoveries that will come from this facility will help improve quality of life for the generations to come. In partnership with Gensler, we are proud to join a world-class team to deliver this state-of-the-art facility.”

The 145,000 square foot facility will be completed in late 2027.

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