Turner Selected to Build CA$60 Million Dog Guides National Training Centre

Turner Construction Company was selected to build the CA$60 million Dog Guides National Training Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The facility will enhance the ability of the program to serve the community.

Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides empowers Canadians with disabilities to navigate their world with confidence and independence by providing Dog Guides at no cost and supporting them throughout their journey. It trains Dog Guides across seven distinct programs: Canine Vision, Hearing, Service, Seizure Response, Autism Assistance, Diabetes Alert, and Facility Support.

The building will feature classrooms and training rooms, 35 guest bedrooms to accommodate its client base, and indoor and outdoor spaces.

After puppies are born, they are raised for 12 to 16 months before beginning Dog Guide training. The Turner team on site decided to foster a puppy. The puppy, named Turner, enjoys playing with the team on site and has quickly become a beloved member of the crew. The team takes turns caring for her, ensuring she receives plenty of socialization and basic obedience training, which are critical for her future role as a Dog Guide.

As Turner grows, she will be exposed to various sights, sounds, and experiences at the construction site, helping her develop into a well-rounded and confident Dog Guide. The Turner team is committed to providing her with the best possible start, knowing that their efforts will help someone in need navigate their world with greater independence.

“This facility will better so many lives,” said Stuart Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Turner Construction Company. “We’re building a world class facility which will directly benefit hundreds of Canadians with special needs lives every year. The Centre will have a hotel component for families where clients can learn how to work with their dog.”

The 89,000 square foot training centre will be completed in 2026.

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