Turner Holds 20th Annual Company-Wide Safety Stand-Down

Work was paused on projects around the world to mark the beginning of Construction Safety Week.

Turner Construction Company held its 20th annual Safety Stand-Down, a company-wide event where work is paused to gather and discuss safety. This year’s theme is “Value Every Voice,” a reminder to encourage, listen to, and empower every single person on a jobsite to keep themselves and others safe.

A key element to an injury-free environment is a collective willingness to look out for each other and speak up when we see someone at-risk. During the week more than 100,000 people on Turner project sites and offices will discuss what it means to truly listen to others.

“The events planned for the week help support an environment that encourages people to speak up and reinforces the message that everyone is empowered to be heard and to act on safety,” said Steve Spaulding, Vice President and Chief Environmental Health and Safety Officer, Turner Construction Company. “Teams with high levels of psychological safety tend to perform better, innovate more, and have higher levels of overall satisfaction.”

“Safety Week conversations help maintain and sustain the right environment where people can be at their best, be authentic, and are treated with respect and dignity. Safety Week also provides us with an opportunity to pause and say thank you to every worker on site for their hard work,” said Peter Davoren, President and CEO, Turner Construction Company. “Together, we are creating a culture of care where everyone feels safe and is safe.”

Turner will also participate in the OSHA stand down to raise fall hazard awareness to stop fall fatalities and injuries.

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