Turner Construction Company is creating vibrant spaces to support a new lifestyle.

Turner Construction Company is playing a major role in the ongoing transformation of THE PENN DISTRICT in New York City. Turner is working with Vornado Realty Trust to convert two skyscrapers, PENN 1 and PENN 2, into high-end modern towers with wonderful new amenities. As work is completed and Turner is moving towards completion of work, tenants and members of the community are beginning to benefit from the transformation. What makes this work special is that the structure of the old buildings is being retained. Turner can create modern and attractive buildings using the substance of the old high-rises, which leads to much more sustainable construction. “Retaining part of the building’s original structure means we need smaller amounts of CO2-intensive construction materials such as steel and concrete,” said Dan Fine, Vice President and General Manager, Turner Construction Company.

The 55-story PENN 1 tower and the 31-story PENN 2 tower are great examples of how Turner transforms buildings into modern-day skyscrapers. Both buildings are being renovated while they remain partially occupied. While the people inside may not be changing, the buildings’ appearances, both inside and out, will have little in common with the past. New energy-efficient glass facades are being installed and some of the lower floors are being combined to provide a better sense of space. Breadth and transparency are being created throughout the buildings, along with brand new climate systems and elevators. The high-rises are being improved to provide occupants with the latest standards.

In many cases, the rebuilding of an older structure turns out to be more financially attractive than entirely new construction. “Buildings can remain occupied during the transformation and construction costs of a conversion can be less expensive,” said Fine. During the extensive work on PENN 1 and PENN 2, commercial tenants were able to remain in the buildings. “Refurbishing and upgrading existing buildings involves extraordinary complexity,” Fine added. “We increased sustainability by conserving resources and dramatically increasing energy efficiency. These enhancements make the building extremely attractive for tenants and the building owners.”

In densely built-up Manhattan, the trend toward “repositioning” has been clear for years. A major benefit of the renovations is that companies can create highly attractive office spaces for their employees. These efforts have succeeded. New York’s real estate industry calls THE PENN DISTRICT “the new A-level standard for office buildings.” The skyscrapers offer direct access to Penn Station and restaurants, cafés, a high-end wellness center, and a conference center. There are even office spaces that can be flexibly rented by companies in temporary need of more working space.

At PENN 1 and PENN 2, people can go to work, have lunch, work out, go out for dinner, and then take a train home—all without leaving the comfort of the building. The new PENN DISTRICT combines a modern attitude toward living and working with sustainability and aesthetics. What’s more, it offers breathtaking views of Manhattan from the gardens and lofty glass halls of the new but classic high-standard buildings.

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