Tom Holzheimer Promoted to Operations Manager for Gilbane Building Company

Holzheimer to Lead Milwaukee Operations Under Alicia Dupie

Gilbane Building Company blazoned moment that Tom Holzheimer was promoted to operations director for the Milwaukee office. Holzheimer will be laboriously engaged in overseeing Gilbane’s different and growing portfolio of systems across Wisconsin. As operations director, Holzheimer will combine his specialized moxie and hands- on approach with his passion for driving results to effectively lead operations in Milwaukee, fastening on delivering safe and successful systems.

“ Gilbane continues to expand our leadership platoon in Milwaukee to support uninterrupted growth in Southeast Wisconsin and deliver the loftiest quality systems for our guests. I couldn’t be more agitated to have Tom in this critical part. His proven specialized moxie and unique balance of customer-first and builder-first intelligence will further our charge of erecting further than structures in Milwaukee and beyond, ” said Alicia Dupies, Gilbane Building Company Area Manager in Milwaukee. “ Together, Tom and I partake a commitment and passion for developing our people, who are the center of everything we do, ” Dupies added.
Holzheimer has nearly 20 times of assiduity experience, spending the last 16 times erecting his career with Gilbane. He has constructed some of our most iconic and complex Wisconsin systems, including Foxconn, Haribo, and multiple systems for Kerry Foods. He’s passionate about erecting high- performing brigades and exceeding our customer’s prospects.

“ I look forward to taking on this new challenge and continuing to grow Gilbane’s portfolio in the Milwaukee area and developing our brigades to achieve their stylish and loftiest eventuality, ” said Tom Holzheimer.
Holzheimer has a Bachelorette of Civil Engineering degree from Ohio University. He’s a LEED Accredited Professional, State of Illinois Professional mastermind, and a DBIA- certified professional.

About Gilbane Building Company
Gilbane is a global intertwined construction and installation operation services establishment with strong roots in Southeast Wisconsin over the once 40 times. Gilbane’s town Milwaukee office has been steadily growing in recent times. Gilbane has assembled an emotional portfolio of work, while staying true to our commitment of community hookups, structure capacity and safety excellence. Our expansive experience translates into a builder you can trust with precious assignments learned and stylish practices on a variety structure types including commercial, high- rise developments, artificial, food and libation, education, hospitality and external, to name a many.

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