To reduce its energy bill, Kem One entrusts Clemessy with the piping of its electrolys unit

A European-scale PVC producer, Kem One has undertaken the technological conversion of its chlorine, soda and hydrogen production unit located in Fos-sur-Mer (13). Objective: reduce the site’s energy consumption by reconfiguring its electrolysis capacities. In order to be able to begin the migration of the process from 2024, our Clemessy experts will prefabricate and install metal piping in two separate units of the factory, called Zone 10 and Zone 40. 

By replacing its diaphragm electrolysis process with a membrane electrolysis process, Kem One intends to drastically reduce its consumption of electricity (-16%/year) and gas (-36%/year), while increasing its competitiveness. . After having prefabricated the pipes in their workshops in Vitrolles (13), our specialists will go on site to assemble the pipe lines and install the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of two new units. 

Zone 10: electrolysis process 

“Heart of the electrolysis process, Zone 10 is made up of an interior space and an exterior space, for which we must prefabricate 34,000” of carbon steel and stainless steel piping,” reveals Antoine Kaldirimdjian, Project Manager for Zone 10. Compared to the small average diameter of the pipes to be installed, the quantity of “welded inches” announced (unit of measurement used to quantify the work) allows us to understand the scale of the task that awaits our experts. Initiated in September 2023, work on Zone 10 will be completed in May 2024. 

Zone 40: soda concentration 

“One of the specific features of Zone 40, which corresponds to a new soda concentration unit, is based on the creation of 8,000″ of carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel piping. The product concentration and the vapors released by the products which will circulate in the pipes implies that the pipes must be made of specific materials”, notes Jeremy Alighieri, Project Manager for Zone 40. In addition to the piping work, our experts will have to install exchangers in this area plates, balloons and pumps, i.e. around twenty pieces of equipment in total. Initiated in November 2023, the work on Zone 40 will be completed in February 2024. 

At the end of 2024, Kem One plans to stop its production to be able to connect these two zones to the other process units. This strategic operation will allow the new membrane electrolysis process to be put into service in 2025. 

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