Three Nuclear titans Will Vie for Czech Republic’s Dukovany Expansion

Three Nuclear titans Will Vie for Czech Republic’s Dukovany Expansion
Competition for a new unit of over to1.2 GW at the Czech Republic’s Dukovany nuclear power factory point has stepped up, with France’s EDF, South Korea’s Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power( KHNP), and a Westinghouse- Bechtel platoon submitting original flings, Czech mileage ČEZ, said onNov. 30.

Elektrárna Dukovany II,a.s.( EDU II), a ČEZ wholly possessed attachment, will now dissect the flings and negotiate with the stab stab will also submit final flings by the end of September 2023. EDU II’ll also submit an evaluation report to the state for blessing. “ We anticipate the contracts to be perfected in 2024, ” said Tomáš Pleskač, a member of the Board of Directors and Director of the ČEZ New Energy Division, on Wednesday.

original flings “ are the base for clarifying specialized and marketable parameters, but not for the factual selection or rejection of contractors, ” ČEZ clarified on Wednesday. “ In the tender itself, the end is to elect the stylish contractor and a high- quality contract. The signing of the contract will be followed by a thorough medication of the design attestation in order to cleave to a deadline of 2036 for the launch of the new unit test operation. ”

The new Dukovany factory, Dukovany II, will be erected next to the 1987- completed Dukovany nuclear factory, the first nuclear factory erected on Czech home. Dukovany is located 30 kilometers southeast of the UNESCO city Třebíč. Comprising four Russian- designed VVER 440( model V 213) pressurized water reactors( PWRs), the,040- MW Dukovany factory produces around 15 TWh of electricity annually, which covers about 20 of total electricity consumption in the Czech Republic.
The Dukovany nuclear power factory in Třebíč, the Czech Republic, has four 510- MW VVER 440 units. “ The individual units were put into operation between 1985 and 1987. The original total installed electrical capacity was,760 MW. Attainable power affair has been gradationally adding thanks to turbine upgrades, effectiveness programs and specialized advancements. moment, the power factory has an installed capacity of,040 MW. The thermal affair of each of the four reactors is,444 MWth, ” says Czech mileage ČEZ. Courtesy ČEZ
Part of a Nuclear Strategy
sweats to develop Dukovany II began in 2015, with the establishment of EDU II as a technical reality to apply the new nuclear factory. According to ČEZ, the Dukovany point is suited for a factory sized up to1.2 GW rather than larger units, owing to specialized and natural limitations. ČEZ envisions only one unit “ so as not to exceed the total net electrical power in Dukovany Site of 3250 MWe, ” it said.
Dukovany II’s development is part of ČEZ’s nuclear strategy. The mileage says construction and start- up of the new nuclear unit is “ of pivotal significance in order to insure durability of the nuclear power factory operation and mortal coffers at the point by 2037, when termination of the gradational decommissioning of the being power factory is conservatively previsioned by the National Action Plan. ” The strategy also foresees openings to expand its only other nuclear factory, the,160- MWe Temelin nuclear station, which is located near to the South Bohemian capital České Budějovice. Temelin features two VVER 1000 Type V 320 PWRs.

Westinghouse- Bechtel Eyeing openings for AP1000 at Temelin
While details are n’t incontinently available about flings submitted by EDF and KHNP, Bechtel, in a statement transferred to POWER, said its shot, submitted as part of a cooperation with Westinghouse, proposes the construction of a single AP1000 reactor. still, the offer contains “ the eventuality for another unit there and two fresh units at the Temelin point, ” it said. “ Westinghouse and Bechtel will mate with the Czech nuclear assiduity to fulfill crucial places in procurement of outfit and construction of the reactors. ”
Bechtel is a crucial contractor for the two AP1000 units that are nearing start- up at the Vogtle expansion in Georgia. “ Nuclear energy was loaded into the Unit 3 core in October, and marketable operation is anticipated in the first quarter of 2023, ” Bechtel noted.

Westinghouse, in November, eventually won a fierce contest to make an AP1000 reactor for Poland’s first nuclear factory in Pomerania. Westinghouse fought with EDF, which offered to make1.7- GW EPR units, and KHNP, which offered to make six1.3- GW APR1400 units for Poland. The Polish government and two Polish energy enterprises latterly also inked a letter of intent with KHNP to “ push ahead ” with the development of a alternate nuclear factory grounded on APR1400 technology in Pątnów, central Poland.
Bechtel on Wednesday noted the AP1000 factory “ is the only operating Generation III reactor with completely unresistant safety systems, modular construction design and has the lowest footmark per MWe on the request. ” In addition to Vogtle 3 and 4, four AP1000 units “ are presently setting functional performance records in China with four fresh reactors under construction, and two further are planned, ” it said. In addition, nine units have been blazoned for Ukraine, and “ the technology is under consideration at multiple other spots in Central and Eastern Europe, the UK, and in theU.S., ” it said.

KHNP has so far erected two APR- 1400s in South Korea( Shin Kori 3 and 4) and has two others under construction( Shin Hanul 1 & 2). It has also completed two of four APR- 1400 units( Units 1 and 2) under construction at the Barakah nuclear factory in the United Arab Emirates. Barakah 3 was connected to the grid onOct. 10. Along with prospects in Poland and the Czech Republic, KHNP is looking to export reactors to Saudi Arabia.

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