The highway becomes a moving art gallery

On the APRR motorway network, the renewal of cultural and tourist traffic signs, known as “brown signs”, continues with the unveiling of 35 new visuals and sites valued in the Seine-et-Marne department.

An event that led to another: APRR unveiled, on this occasion, the 500th panel of this new collection: “Barbizon, the village of painters”.

On September 27, APRR and the Department of Seine-et-Marne celebrated a new milestone in their partnership.
Jean-François Parigi, President of the Seine-et-Marne departmental council, and Philippe Nourry, President of Eiffage motorway concessions in France, inaugurated a new collection of illustrations on the A5, A6 and A77 motorways in the Department of Seine-et-Marne.

This collection of new brown signs – the result of a collaboration between the Department, local authorities and APRR – demonstrates a strong commitment to the attractiveness of the territories.
An ambitious project become reality
In 2022, the Department of Seine-et-Marne and APRR signed a cooperation agreement aimed at revitalizing cultural and tourist signage on motorways.
This joint initiative aimed to highlight the treasures accessible from the highway and provide an enriching travel experience for the millions of motorists who travel these networks each year.
Since then, the revival has become reality. A total of 35 new brown signs have been installed along the 157 kilometers of the A5, A6 and A77 motorways, giving travelers a refreshing perspective on the regions they pass through.

Internationally renowned artists have helped bring these brown signs to life and turn the highways into an open-air art gallery. This new collection is the fruit of the work of Floc’h, Tino and Matthieu Forichon, each of the artists being assigned to a specific itinerary.
Serving culture and safety
Brown signs are not only aesthetic, they also serve an essential purpose in terms of road safety.

Created in the 1970s to combat hypovigilance, they help break the monotony of driving on the motorway and become points of cultural and tourist interest that arouse the desire to take breaks and explore the surrounding area. .
From 500 to 600 panels
APRR proudly announces the installation of the 500th brown panel since the start of this initiative in 2014. This step not only marks a significant milestone in the revitalization of cultural and tourist signage, but it also demonstrates the commitment continued commitment to road safety and regional development.
The 500thpanel, created by the famous illustrator Floc’h and placed on the A6 motorway near Fontainebleau, represents the school of painters around the village of Barbizon, emphasizing the cultural and artistic heritage of the region. Floc’h represents Théodore Rousseau painting in the forest of Fontainebleau, with light equipment, as demanded by this generation of painters who wanted to be “at the heart of things” and no longer in the grandeur of an artist’s studio.
Ultimately, a total of 600 cultural and tourist signs will be deployed in 24 departments irrigated by the APRR and AREA motorways, thus creating an even more immersive travel experience for motorists.

This unique initiative continues to work to enhance the attractiveness of territories, while maintaining an essential balance between visual information and road safety.

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