Terceo takes part in extending the Centre National du Costume de Scène( CNCS) in Moulins( 03)

Terceo takes part in extending the Centre National du Costume de Scène( CNCS) in Moulins( 03)
The CNCS in Moulins, major French palpable heritage conservation installation for theatrical costumes, has expanded. The CNCS was inaugurated in the Quartier Villars in 2006 and moved into its recently repaired left sect in afterlife 2022. All the electrical work( HV, LV and fire protection system) was carried out by our Terceo experts in the Allier region.
The recuperation of a former stable located in the Quartier Villars ’ left sect has enabled the CNCS to develop its costume conservation conditioning and offer the public new exhibition spaces. This sect was erected in 1848, also abandoned by the” military delegation”. It offers the CNCS an fresh,000 m2, now used for stage design exhibitions.

” The Quartier Villars is a former 18th century cavalry barracks and a listed structure. Our platoon’s work comported of string routing and electrical distribution for the rehabilitated sect from the top LV switchboard installed in the main structure. We also installed inner and out-of-door lighting, telephone and Voice- Data- Imaging networks, ananti-intrusion system, videotape surveillance, access control and security lighting for this listed point,” said Allier sector business director Fabien Harrault.

The CNCS is a genuine” dressing room” of outstanding quality, where over,000 theatre, pieces and ballet costumes are conserved, and also painted sets belonging to the Bibliothèque Nationale, the Comédie Française and the Paris National Opera. The development of these collections represents a major challenge, successfully met by the CNCS, with the help of our original specialists!

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