“Studying while working helps you learn faster”

Hayley Plumridge, a Quality Administrator working on the West Gate Tunnel, joined CPB Contractors because she wanted to challenge herself in a new industry while also completing her Certificate IV in Civil Construction.

“Working in the industry and studying simultaneously makes it easier to understand and apply the knowledge from what I’ve learnt in class. 

“I’m working full time and attend one scheduled online class each month during work hours. The class is predominantly WGTP employees from various zones and we have a group chat to support each other with the class content and assessments. When class has finished, I use the remainder of the workday to complete any outstanding assignments and consolidate my learning.”

“My manager is very supportive and happy to allow extra time during the workday to liaise with different staff from the various construction streams in order to complete the assignments.”

“Being new to the construction industry, my manager wanted to give me the best start I could get and knew the Cert IV in Civil Construction would help me gain a better understanding of the industry and the quality demands of civil operations.”

“The course is giving me an insight into various areas of construction and providing me with the tools to succeed. 

“At CPB Contractors, I enjoy seeing how thousands of people work together with the same end goal in mind: to deliver the West Gate Tunnel for the people of Melbourne.”

“Studying while working in the industry helps to consolidate and apply your knowledge to real world scenarios and can help you learn on the job faster.”

“West Gate Tunnel (CPBJHJV) promoted a range of qualifications, short courses and soft skills learning bytes last year to complement the PDR process. Courses are open to everyone provided they build knowledge and skills relevant to the job role and to the individual’s personal and career development. “

CPB Contractors provides women with development opportunities to help them reach their potential. Current initiatives include:

  • A partnership with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).
  • A Women in Construction program gives females a clear career pathway into the industry.
  • An Emerging Female Leaders program and mentoring opportunities.

Source link:https://www.cpbcon.com.au/

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