Skanska’s work with gender equivalency is conceded, takes place on Allbright’s green stock exchange list

Skanska’s work with gender equivalency is conceded, takes place on Allbright’s green stock exchange list
Skanska’s work with diversity and addition is honored by the independent foundation Allbright,( ENGLISH — AllBright) which works for equivalency and diversity within the business sector. Skanska is placed on the” green stock exchange list”, a list of companies that have achieved an indeed gender distribution at top operation position. Skanska is therefore ranked as one of the companies honored for our gender equivalency work in the business.

Since 2012, the association Allbright has annually examined the stock exchange’s top operation position grounded on representation. They rank the listed companies grounded on how equal they’re in the top operation platoon. Companies that have an indeed gender distribution(40/60) between women and men are considered green, companies that don’t reach all the way are unheroic and companies that fully warrant women in the operation platoon are listed in red.

” This acknowledgement is an illustration of how our methodical work to achieve equivalency between manly and womanish leaders is yielding results, especially at the loftiest position. I take this as a evidence that we’re doing commodity right, but we must continue to constantly work long- term on the issue. The conditions regarding gender equivalency at top operation position naturally play a part regarding transferring a strong signal to other corridor of the association. still, I want to emphasize that we still have a lot of work to do, which is also the case in our assiduity in general, to achieve gender equivalency throughout all situations of our association, ” says Anders Danielsson, President and CEO of Skanska Group.

Read the full report thenAllbrightrapporten_2022.pdf(

” For me, it’s both about Group Leadership platoon walking the talk, contributing to the change we want to see and always having the business-critical perspective. As we shape the erected terrain, Skanska needs to be reflective of the communities we work in to insure we can more understand our guests ’ needs, to insure we design, develop and make places that are inclusive for everyone. Simply make better opinions. That’s one of the reasons why gender equivalency is business critical for us. Diversity, together with an inclusive work culture, is an important part of our values and explosively anchored then at Skanska,” concludes Anders Danielsson.

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