Sellafield Partnership Achieves Industry-leading Safety Performance

The Programme and Project Partners (PPP) framework supporting the decommisioning of the Sellafield nuclear site has become one of the safest infrastructure programmes in the UK industry, having achieved more than 10 million working hours without a reportable safety incident.

“KBR is very proud to be part of this strong partnership, and never more so than when we see such a culture of care across the entire program,” said Matt Jacobs, vice president within KBR’s Government Solutions International business. “On an infrastructure delivery program of this scale, with multiple in-flight major projects, this really is first. As a company, we believe that zero incidents is always an achievable goal, and by working together as one team alongside our partners, we’re demonstrating exceptional levels of safety performance that are keeping our people safe from harm.”

Since the birth of the partnership three years ago, the team has successfully delivered a new on-site concrete batching plant, mobilised three in-flight major projects which are now in their construction phases, while also supporting the early delivery stages of three future major projects which will ramp up in 2023.

Andy Sharples, Sellafield Ltd Projects Director said, “At Sellafield, our purpose is to create a clean and safe environment for future generations. Making sure our colleagues go home safe every day is the single most important thing we do. I’m proud of the focus on health, safety, and wellbeing that the partnership has brought to Sellafield.”

KBR’s role centers around integrating the partnership and providing programme management expertise to transform traditional project by project delivery and maximize all the benefits that come from a highly collaborative programmatic approach.

Sellafield Ltd’s PPP model was mobilised in 2019 with the purpose of transforming major project delivery at the nuclear site. The partnership brings together KBR, Sellafield Ltd as the client, three delivery partners, and a wider supply chain to deliver a 20-year pipeline of major infrastructure projects, each of the projects will play a vital role in safely treating or storing waste removed from legacy ponds and silos on the Sellafield site.

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