Pradeau Morin restores the Saint-Eustache church, a jewel of French heritage

Pradeau Morin Historical Monuments, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, is proud to have contributed to the restoration of the Saint-Eustache church, a historic monument from the 13th century located in the heart of the Halles district, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. This church, classified as a historic monument since 1862, is distinguished by its flamboyant Gothic architecture on the exterior, as well as its Renaissance and classical influences on the interior. Renowned for having the largest organ in France and dimensions similar to a cathedral, Saint-Eustache embodies a treasure of French architectural heritage.

The restoration of the Saint-Eustache church, begun in March 2022, was orchestrated by Pradeau Morin Historical Monuments. The scale of the project, broken down into 9 separate lots, included Lot 1, managed by our teams, including site installation, scaffolding, masonry and cut stone. The operation consisted of the restoration of the enclosure of the western massif of the church, including the north and south towers, the central body with peristyle, loggia and terrace, as well as the renovation of the interiors of the vestibules of the north and south towers. .

The integration of sustainable practices was at the heart of the project, with particular attention paid to the preservation of original elements, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the implementation of measures aimed at limiting environmental impacts .

The major challenge of this operation lay in the need to keep the Saint-Eustache church open to the public throughout the work. Particular care was taken to minimize noise pollution and dust release, with appropriate processes for the removal and replacement of certain architectural elements.

In 1532, construction of the current church began with the laying of its first stone. Nearly five centuries later, the inauguration of the restored entrance block symbolized the renewal of the church, in the presence of Karen Taieb , Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of heritage, the history of Paris and relations with religions as well as our teams.

Located in the historic district of Les Halles, the “belly of Paris” dear to Zola, the Saint-Eustache church was the scene of illustrious ceremonies including the funeral of Jean de la Fontaine and the baptism of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière.

Project management: Department of Cultural and Historical Buildings (DECH)
Project management: Chatillon Architectes

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