Pradeau Morin restores the facades of the Grand Palais; a prestigious renovation of an emblematic place in Paris

Pradeau Morin, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, is part of the restoration of the Grand Palais. Work began in March 2021 and is in full swing. This renovation aims to secure and bring the place up to standard, but beyond that, the work aims to rehabilitate the volumes, thus making it possible to increase the reception capacity of the place, without however deteriorating the specificities. of the original building.

In March 2021, after a century of hectic life, the Grand Palais closed its doors to enter an important phase of work. This will last until the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games for the Nave and the galleries surrounding it, and until spring 2025 for the rest of the monument. The vagaries of time made this restoration imperative: the monument suffered from a generalized state of dilapidation. 121 years after its creation, the Grand Palais is writing a new page in its history, in which our Pradeau Morin Historic Monuments teams are proud to participate.

The work on which they are working concerns the restoration of stone facades (more than 1km), masonry, lead removal and roofing”. Our teams will work in particular on the creation of “fire pots”, sculpted elements that adorn the facades. In the workshop, the stonemason carries out the épannelage and the sculptor the decorations of the limestone of Saint-Maximin on different blocks which are assembled in situ in order to ensure the finishes. Transported to the site, these blocks are then craned to their final location where they are assembled together using a fiberglass rod. Out of a dozen fire pots to be made, 5 are already in place, the others will be installed in September.
But also, the lot “freestone and masonry” which consists of the creation of emergency exits, the raising of masonry, the accompaniment of carpenters, as well as paving works. The construction of emergency exits in the basement walls being between 60cm and 1m deep, (i.e. much larger dimensions in terms of width than normal), it will therefore be necessary to modify the structure of the stones structurally in order to ensure load pick-ups.
The challenges of this operation are multiple:

  • The schedule is tight in view of an irrepressible deadline; the building must be ready to open for the 2024 Olympic Games;
  • The work is carried out in top and down.

In addition, our teams are signatories to a “low nuisance site” charter. This includes several criteria that contribute to responsible site management:

  • Waste Management ;
  • Hazardous products;
  • Staff training and information;
  • Informing local residents;
  • The noise ;
  • Potential site pollution (soil, water, air);
  • Visual pollution;
  • Traffic disruptions;
  • Resource consumption.

Congratulations to our teams for this prestigious project, with multiple challenges!

Client  : Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais

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