NewSpace: successful launch of Latitude’s Navier engine with the Syclone by Clemessy software solution

A successful trial for Syclone by Clemessy monitoring & control software, incorporated into the Navier rocket engine igniter test bench developed by Latitude (ex-Venture Orbital Systems) ! The Reims-based start-up orchestrated its first successful launching test campaign from Saxa Vord base in Scotland. The launch of the first Zephyr rocket is scheduled for 2024. 

The Navier rocket engine, entirely developed and 3D-printed by Latitude, underwent a first conclusive test campaign based in part on the reliability of the engine test rig. Our experts, in charge of incorporating the monitoring system and implementing Syclone by Clemessy software, took part in test bench deployment and configuration, thus contributing to the trial’s success. 

“The Syclone by Clemessy monitoring & control solution was implemented at the core of the control system for the entire test campaign, including the critical engine ignition sequence“, said sales engineer Maxence Viallet. 

A second version of the Navier engine, more powerful than the current model, will undergo a new test campaign this year. 

“Clemessy has been supporting Latitude in developing the rocket engine for its Zephyr micro-launcher since the end of 2021, as a privileged partner. This cooperation provides a technological showcase for our software solution in a particularly demanding and challenging field of activity“, went on Maxence Viallet. 

Latitude has been growing rapidly for over two years and aims to become the leading launch operator for small satellites weighing less than 100 kg. 

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