New Horizons with KBR, featuring Brian Alexander

Travel had always appealed to Brian Alexander, and not just for leisure. To me, having some international experience seemed an ideal way to build career exposure,” Brian said.

Brian has been a KBR team member for five years, first working as a piping materials engineer then moving to an engineering management role. Most of that time was spent in Houston, Texas. When a new position opened in Chennai, India, Brian’s department manager approached him about the possibility of making a move. Brian expressed his willingness and openness to the opportunity.

An international move can be a daunting task anyway. The timing of Brian’s move created some additional challenges.

“My mobilization happened during the pandemic, so there were some unexpected hurdles,” he said. “But KBR Global Mobility and the KBR People team were very supportive and helped me power through.”

Today, Brian’s main responsibilities include interfacing between Houston and Chennai operations. He works with the team in India to support communications and ensure deliverables are sent and received in a timely fashion. Brian says the best aspects of the move have been developing relationships with his coworkers and learning about a new culture while also educating others about his own.

“Having new cultural experiences, seeing a different way of life and to be there in the moment have all been really interesting,” Brian said. “Working with the team has been a great experience and an important part of my career development.”

When asked what advice he had for other considering a new position abroad with KBR, Brian had this say:

“Keep your résumé up to date and your passport current. It helps to have your affairs in order, because if an opportunity arises, you should be prepared to act fast. Most importantly, be open-minded and prepared for anything!”

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