NCC to refurbish 400 apartments in Ringsted, Denmark

NCC has been commissioned by Ringsted Almene Boligselskab and DAB to renovate eight residential blocks with a total of 400 apartments in the Sönderpark residential area in the Danish city of Ringsted. The project is a turnkey contract, and the order value is approximately SEK 500 million.

All eight blocks will have their facades, roofs, balconies, windows and doors replaced. New ventilation, water supply and wastewater systems will also be installed in the buildings.

“The refurbishment will give the district a real boost, changing the character and appearance of the buildings and raising the standard considerably. The replacement of the facade and the installation of new windows and doors will not only improve the aesthetics of the buildings but will also reduce their energy consumption,” says Julie Jürs, project manager at DAB.

DAB and Ringsted Almene Boligselskab have decided that the facades and windows that are removed as part of the refurbishment will be donated to the Ukraine Foundation to be reused in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“Sönderpark was built in the early 1970s and is in extensive need of refurbishment, which we are now addressing. We will be particularly careful during demolition to ensure that the material can be reused, which is good from many perspectives,” says Catarina Molén-Runnäs, Head of NCC Building Nordics.

The refurbishment will commence in May 2024 and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2027.

The contract is worth about SEK 500 million and the order will be registered in the NCC Building Nordics business area in the second quarter of 2024.

About NCC. NCC is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics. Based on its expertise in managing complex construction processes, NCC contributes to a positive impact of construction for its customers and society. Operations include building and infrastructure project contracting, asphalt and stone materials production, and commercial property development. In 2023, NCC had sales of about SEK 57 bn and 12,200 employees. NCC’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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