Marking a Milestone: Completion of Resources Building Façade Renovation

The sun was shining brightly on the rooftop park of the Resources Building Renovation project office, where over 400 project team members gathered to celebrate a significant milestone—the completion of the building’s façade. 

The Resources Building Renovation Project (RBR) involves a comprehensive rehabilitation of the 17-story 657,000-square-foot building located at 1416 9th Street in downtown Sacramento. Although the project lacked the usual topping-out ceremony associated with new construction, the project team recognized the importance of celebrating the façade’s completion. The building’s exterior now stood as a testament to their hard work, dedication, and collaboration.

As the last window panel was carefully put in place, it became more than just a piece of glass—it was a canvas for the team’s signatures. Tradespeople from various disciplines left their mark, commemorating this significant achievement. The panel now bore the collective pride of everyone involved in the project.

Candice Mateo, Project Manager at Walters & Wolf, who played a pivotal role in the façade completion, shared her thoughts: “A massive shout-out to our team at Walters & Wolf. Your dedication over the past 16 weeks has been nothing short of remarkable, setting an impressive 2,449 units. Your hard work powers our success—thank you! I also want to extend heartfelt thanks to our partners—Turner Construction, AC Martin, and DGS. Your collaboration has been instrumental in our achievements. This is the team’s second project together in the last five years; it’s clear we have a synergy that I hope will continue into future endeavors. – Candice Mateo, Project Manager, Walters & Wolf

TAKT Planning, A Game-Changer: TAKT planning played a pivotal role in the RBR project’s achievement of this massive milestone. By synchronizing workflows and optimizing processes, it saved the project team a remarkable three months on the schedule. Every trade partner embraced this method, ensuring seamless implementation. Dan Murphy is Turner Construction’s resident TAKT planning expert and General Superintendent. 

To recognize the team’s achievements, custom challenge coins were distributed. Each coin represented a shared journey—a tangible reminder of their contribution to the project’s success and, specifically, this achievement.  

As the ceremony concluded, the team enjoyed barbecue and refreshing snow cones. Guests mingled, reflecting on the journey that led them to this moment. The Resources Building Renovation project has transformed not only the façade of the building but also the spirit of collaboration and achievement that is undeniable in a successful progressive design-build project. 

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