M6 Stage 1 project reaches milestone Indigenous spend

CPB Contractors, as part of Transport for NSW’s M6 Stage 1 delivery team, has reached a milestone spend of $30 million with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers, businesses and employment. The milestone also marks a significant project achievement, exceeding its original spend target by 15%. 

Alison Fietz CPB Contractors Project Services Director explains that this milestone is the result of the project’s ongoing commitment to reconciliation and providing opportunities to Indigenous peoples and businesses and adds that M6 Stage 1 will continue on this path for the remainder of the project. 

She explains that the M6 Stage 1 project works with many Indigenous-owned businesses across its supply chain. To date, the project has procured from more than 35 First Nations businesses all of which are Supply Nation accredited.  

“Since the start of construction, the project has also directly employed over 40 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, which equates to 4.5% of our directly employed team,” adds Alison. 

The M6 Stage 1 project’s commitment to reconciliation is embedded across its operations. Some noteworthy examples of this include: 

  • Providing more than 2000 hours of training and upskilling opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees 
  • Embedding Cultural Awareness Training workshops into employee and community engagement, with more than 140 employees and 60 local students taking part in the programs to date

CPB Contractors is currently delivering the M6 Stage 1 in a joint venture with UGL and Ghella. The project includes the delivery of an underground motorway connection between President Avenue, Kogarah and the M8 at Arncliffe, mainline tunnels, exit/entry ramps, and shared cycle and pedestrian pathways. 

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