Leighton Asia, HOCHTIEF, Secures Billion-Dollar Hospital Expansion in Hong Kong

HOCHTIEF Group company Leighton Asia, a subsidiary of CIMIC Group, in joint venture, has been selected by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority to undertake the AUD 4.3 billion North District Hospital (NDH) expansion project.

The project, which will generate revenue of up to AUD 2.4 billion for Leighton Asia, will elevate the health infrastructure in the North District of Hong Kong and provide around 1,500 additional hospital beds.

HOCHTIEF CEO Juan Santamaría said: “Modern healthcare infrastructure is foundational to the well-being of communities. We are proud to bring our experience in delivering health facilities and our ‘hospital-first’ approach to this project, which puts the needs of health workers, patients, and community at the forefront. We look forward to working with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority to deliver this upgrade for Hong Kong’s Northern District.”

Leighton Asia Managing Director Brad Davey said: “Leighton Asia, is proud to be part of the team chosen for the North District Hospital expansion, a project that will set new standards in patient care and medical excellence. Our extensive experience in healthcare construction, combined with our deep understanding of local and international standards, uniquely equips us to deliver this state-of-the-art facility.”

The joint venture between Leighton Asia and China Railway First Group will construct the main works for a new acute block, a 20-storey structure covering a construction floor area of 380,000sq m, a single basement level and a mezzanine floor, and various external and landscaping works.

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