Le Belem calls at Saint-Nazairefor a major technical stoppage of fivemonth, orchestrated by Clemessy

Technical stop for Belem ! This mythical three- master, jewel of French maritime heritage , makes a stopover in Saint-Nazaire. The ravages of time are now visible on the hull of the 126 -year-old ship. Clemessy, the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes brand dedicated to industry, was asked by V.Ships France to replace the most corroded hull block , located directly under the engine room . At the _ resulting from this major project , the Belem will return to sea on April 30th. 

With its trompe – l’oeil portholes , painted on either side of the steel hull, the Belem is impressive. Sugar, rum and cocoa beans from Brazil, this merchant ship carried out 33 cruises since leaving the Dubigeon shipyards in 1896, until its commercial retirement on January 31, 1914. Became a historical monument in 1984, then civilian training ship from 1986 , it now belongs to _the Belem Foundation and sails on behalf of the ship manager V.Ships France ( V.Group Holdings Limited). 

Only here it is , the steel sheets that make up the hull have lost thickness and the Belem Foundation has opted for the complete replacement of the block concerned , rather than for the injection of reinforcements of ‘ steel (or patches). Stopped in drydock in form 3 of the Saint- Nazaire shipyards since December 12 , the Belem has been raisedon tins so that the corroded block , previously modeled in 3D , can be replaced by shifting . 

“  The particularity of this technical shutdown is at the level of the boiler work , under the engine room . This requires the removal of almost all the equipment , including the ship ‘s propulsion . Studies , design , assembly , manufacture of the block, mechanical dismantling of the engine room, cutting of the hull, removal of the block fromdeteriorated , refitting of the new block, integration of all the machine elements … Extensive program for our team which must also intervene on the propulsion system ( shaft line and bearings) , the rudder and the steering gear , summarizes J é r ô me Lecamp , head of the Arr _ _is . 

Experienced in technical shutdowns of this type, our Clemessy experts bring together in Saint – Nazaire the skills and trades necessary for the smooth running of this meticulous restoration : technical expertise (design office), Boilermaking, mechanics , piping, electricity … By implementing all of their know-how, they will enable Belem to return to sea in the best possible conditions . lay; its 2023 sailing program is already busy . _ _ _ 

Thanks to this conservation work , the famous three- master , whose fame knows no borders , also aims to obtain its maritime approval to embark the Olympic flame during of the next Paris Games . 

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