KBR’s Tech Fellows Converge to Collaborate and Learn at Induction Event

The ONE KBR Tech Fellow Program is a cornerstone in our commitment to technical excellence and innovation. This program uniquely identifies and amplifies the contributions of our most accomplished technical leaders, fostering an environment that thrives on knowledge exchange and cutting-edge ideas. The Tech Fellows are not just experts in science, technology, and engineering – they are the torchbearers of KBR’s innovation culture. By expanding our capabilities and fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration, they play a pivotal role in shaping our future. Moreover, they serve as mentors and inspirations for aspiring talent, ensuring we continue our legacy of excellence within our team of teams. 

In its second year, the program’s call for applications saw an impressive, competitive, and international pool of candidates. After undergoing a rigorous review process, members of KBR’s executive leadership team and KBR President and CEO Stuart Bradie, selected the incoming class of Tech Fellows. 

“The KBR Tech Fellow program recognizes the exceptional technical leaders we have at KBR,” said Bradie. “They are helping drive innovation and deliver against our vision for a safer, more secure world. Their efforts to excel act as inspiration to colleagues all across the globe and show the opportunities our people can strive for. To our customer community, the Tech Fellows are reinforcing the trust they have in us to solve their most challenging problems and deliver their most critical missions.”   

Last month, a group of 24 Tech Fellows and Senior Tech Fellows converged in Houston from all business segments and geographic regions. This gathering was a unique opportunity for these eminent professionals to connect, collaborate, and innovate. The eventful week included an induction reception for the class of 2023, insightful presentations from our business segment presidents, and a tour of the Johnson Space Center. In addition, engaging working sessions on innovation, intellectual property, and collaboration were conducted. Many of the attendees also seized this opportunity to network outside their usual work groups, fostering cross-functional collaboration.  

“It is great that KBR provides this avenue to recognize technical achievement and the opportunity to interaction with Fellows in other parts of the business,” said Rian Reyneke, KBR Tech Fellow. “I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know other Tech Fellows, and to gain a better understanding of KBR’s business, which was truly eye-opening.” 

Read more about the ONE KBR Tech Fellow Program here

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