KBR to Support Future Vision for Sustainable Development in Iraq

KBR (NYSE: KBR) announced today it has been awarded a five-year contract, with options, to support the Iraqi government’s visionary infrastructure and future energy ambitions, including the delivery of megaprojects and sustainable development. 

Under the terms of the $46 million contract, KBR will provide its differentiated advisory and consultancy capabilities to the Iraqi Government’s Ministry of Planning, with a focus on creating an effective program environment to support successful delivery of strategic megaprojects.

Focus areas of KBR expertise supporting the ministry, who interface with all ministries and formations in the Iraqi government, will include economic planning, strategy development, feasibility studies, technical reviews and large-scale project management.

This contract, which encompasses a comprehensive range of planning and development services, will further elevate the significant role KBR is playing in the development of Iraq’s energy sector – working closely with various ministries to identify, design and implement critical projects aimed at enhancing the country’s economic and social landscape.

KBR’s focus on innovation and sustainability will be integral to delivering the ambitious development plans, aligning with Iraq’s long-term vision for growth and environmental stewardship.

Jay Ibrahim, President of KBR Sustainable Technology Solutions, said, “This is a great example of KBR utilizing its growing global capabilities to support regeneration and sustainable growth of a nation. We are proud to further our partnerships in country, where we are already helping make our customers’ ambitious plans a reality. With our deep expertise in engineering and energy solutions, KBR is well positioned to help our valued customers meet their energy security and sustainability objectives.”

KBR will support delivery from its global locations, in addition to expanding its well-established footprint in country through the creation of an operational office in Baghdad and the wider prospect of building an engineering design center to enhance the skills of Iraqi engineers.

About KBR

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