KBR to Design Cutting Edge Offshore Energy Storage for CrossWind

KBR to Design Cutting Edge Offshore Energy Storage for CrossWind
KBR( NYSE KBR) blazoned moment it has been awarded a contract to give engineering services for an innovative coastal energy storehouse design for CrossWind, a common adventure( JV) between Shell and Dutch mileage company, Eneco.

KBR will perform a front- end engineering design of the baseload power mecca( BLPH) for the Hollandse Kust( north) wind ranch located offshore Netherlands.

KBR and Shell will design and develop installations that integrate lithium- ion battery storehouse and green hydrogen electrolysis product at megawatt scale. The design will enable hydrogen product and electricity storehouse in ages of high- power product and will convert hydrogen to electricity, via a energy cell, during ages of lower power product.

“ KBR is extremely pleased to be involved in this sustainable energy design, ” said Jay Ibrahim, chairman of KBR Sustainable Technology results. “ To break the current global ‘ energy trilemma, ’ the world needs an energy blend that relies further on wind, solar and nuclear power. With our deep moxie in engineering and energy results, KBR is deposited to help our valued guests — mates like the CrossWind JV — drive the energy transition. ”

KBR is a leader in energy transition and has expansive experience supporting sustainable energy systems across the globe. Read further about KBR’s approach to working the energy trilemma onKBR.com.

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