KBR, QinetiQ and PA Consulting to Deliver Transformative Coming- Generation Collaborative Training to British Army

KBR, QinetiQ and PA Consulting to Deliver Transformative Coming- Generation Collaborative Training to British Army
KBR, QinetiQ and PA Consulting have formed Team Paladin to contend for the British Army’s forthcoming Collaborative Training Transformation Programme( CTTP). CTTP is designed to deliver an integrated, expeditionary and digitalized unborn Collaborative Training System( FCTS), allowing the Army to train encyclopedically where and when it needs. The system will be sustained by a mutually salutary relationship with a strategic training mate from assiduity.

Team Paladin is well deposited to work with the British Army and broader assiduity to prepare for FCTS. By drawing on the platoon’s collaborative moxie and experience in delivering programmes of global scale and complexity, designing and integrating collaborative training capability, and enforcing digital and data- driven transformative results for defence guests, Team Paladin is looking to bring together the stylish of assiduity to transfigure the British Army’s collaborative training enterprise, ameliorate the experience of dogfaces and commanders, and acclimatize training at the speed of applicability to address global demands.

Geoff Maple, Strategic Development Director for the Land Environment at KBR said, “ Alongside the British Army, KBR is proud to be developing the future of collaborative training by bringing the stylish capability to bear together with QinetiQ and PA. In support of the British Army, our common platoon will deliver the most cooperative results that assiduity can offer. structure on our common global scale, experience of the Front Line, devoted collaborative training and data- driven approaches, we will offer dogface-focused support to the future of the British Army’s collaborative training. ”

Christina Balis, Global Campaign Director for Training & Mission Rehearsal at QinetiQ said, “ erecting a long- term trusted relationship with the British Army starts with forming a strong, cohesive assiduity platoon that combines the right capabilities, cooperative behaviours and long- term commitment to the programme. We’re pleased to be joining forces with KBR and PA as we look to concertedly make the unborn Army- Industry platoon that will deliver lesser inflexibility, rigidity and invention in land collaborative training. ”

Paul Finley, Public Sector Defence Lead for PA Consulting said, “ Supporting the ongoing modernisation of defence is at the heart of PA’s commitment to securing a positive mortal future. Collaborative training is a pivotal element of icing military readiness to fight the pitfalls of the future, and we’re pleased to join QinetiQ and KBR to support modernisation and metamorphosis of collaborative training. We’re agitated by the occasion to bring end- to- end invention, a wealth of sector moxie and our disruptive digital and data capabilities, in support of the British Army’s vision of unborn collaborative training requirements. ”

The Strategic Training Partner for the programme is anticipated to be in place in 2025. During the coming two times, Team Paladin, in collaboration with broader assiduity, will upgrade and conform their immolation to meet the ever- evolving conditions of the British Army for a flexible and data- driven collaborative training capability.

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